Updated: Council approves 2 a.m. bar serving time

I promise this is my last blog update for today. I just wanted to include a link to the full article I wrote on tonight’s council decision to allow for a 2 a.m. bar closing time.

Readers will notice that the council did, kind of, end up discussing the 2 a.m. issue. Councilors did not state their positions prior to making their votes, but three councilors later discussed their opinions of the issue right before the council adjourned.

Personally, I would have rather seen councilors state their positions at the time at which they cast their votes – while members of the public were still in the audience – but I did appreciate the comments from Barb, Jerry and Greg (and the mayor, too, although he did not specifically address the 2 a.m. bar closing time).

So that’s enough for one day. Maybe tomorrow there will be more to say.

3 thoughts on “Updated: Council approves 2 a.m. bar serving time

  1. Hi Bethany, I’m just an ordinary citizen, but having watched the progression of events around the 2:00 a.m. closing time, it is my opinion that the city council members who voted to approve the 2:00 a.m. closing time manipulated the information to support their agendas… never seen so much distorted, twisted thinking and spinning of facts… after all the recorded opposition, for a council member to say they ARE listening to their constituents and claiming to have lots of calls and claiming to have spoken to downtown people saying they were in favor of later bar times, is a bunch of baloney and most of us ordinary citizens see through it… “talking to a lot of people” is a downright ignorant statement intended to contort the truth, considering that the CORRECT entities who gave official statements on behalf of THEIR constituents said “no” consistently and repeatedly over the past months…
    I do appreciate you writing your articles and telling your stories! What a tremendous asset you are to our community… unbiased honest reporting. Thanks, Darla

  2. With all due respect, Darla, if you are going to call honorable people liars, you should have some pretty solid evidence and do it to their face. And what or who exactly decides who is a “correct entity”? I am also an ordinary citizen (even though I think I’m extraordinary) that happens to believe them as I am a constituant who believed it was the right thing to do and knows many other forward thinking people who agree. It’s ok to be disappointed when the outcome isn’t what you wanted, but calling people liars and dismissing the overwhelming constituancy (just because they weren’t openly vocal or that you weren’t aware of us) that was for it, is out of bounds in my opinion.

  3. Great move by the city of Bemidji. This will aid in selling of some, if not all, of the south shore property and getting it back on the tax rolls and off the taxpayers of the city.

    As an outsider who visits Bemidji close to a dozen times a year, staying in the hotels and eating out at the establishments around town, I am happy that I may now have a choice to stay out until 2 AM. If I choose not too, that is fine, but the choice is mine and how I will spend my dollars will be my choice also.

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