Hasn’t been my best week

Two council stories in two days and two corrections. Not good stats for the reporter. My apologies to all.

First, I mistakenly labeled Steve Fogelson a city resident in this story. While he does own property as a business owner, he does not live in the city limits. I corrected it online and ran a correction today. The distinction is important because many supporters of the 2 a.m. bar closing time have been pointing out that the majority of those who have vocally opposed the later bar time are not city residents.

And then today I learned I completely misquoted Fire Chief Dave Hoefer in this story about paid-on-call fire positions. I put in the print issue that “Hoefer said that previously, the positions were mainly given to POC firefighters based on popularity.”

Um, yeah, that was City Manager John Chattin.

I changed that online, too.

My apologies.

2 thoughts on “Hasn’t been my best week

  1. What difference does it make if Steve Fogelson is a City of Bemidji resident or not. I believe he has just as much right to state his opinion as you. Just because he had some good ideas and you don’t like them well that’s just the way it is

  2. Chuck: Are you addressing me with these comments? To say that “he had some good ideas you don’t like them” is certainly not true. I have not taken any position on the 2 a.m. bar closing myself. In fact, the position of the newspaper has been against the later bar closing.

    As for whether someone is a city resident or not, they certainly are welcome to address the council, just as Mr. Fogelson was. But as a reporter, my job is to be accurate, which I was not when I said he was a city resident. He is not. Thus, it was an error.

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