A little note about that Lake Irving boat launch

My article in Tuesday’s paper stated that the revised Bemidji’s master parks plan now having the “South Lake Irving boat launch” remain in place and not be phased out in the future as originally proposed.

Well, that’s still true, but apparently it’s not actually the South Lake Irving boat launch. It is the North Lake Irving boat launch.

A Bemidji city councilor told me this yesterday.

The planners referred to it as the South Lake Irving boat launch in the report and I didn’t know any better. The boat launch is on the north side of the lake down near the end of Irvine Avenue.

So, just in case anyone was confused…

One thought on “A little note about that Lake Irving boat launch

  1. Hi Bethany:
    Read your article and follow up clarification regarding the South Lake Irving Boat launches (North and South.) Can you tell me the status of the (South)South Lake Irving Boat Launch? I own property adjacent and use it frequently when in Bemidji.

    Thank you.
    Bob Lucas

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