Ponemah, Collin Peterson and the inauguration

Beltrami County was represented during President Obama’s inauguration Monday morning. Here’s a screengrab C-SPAN’s coverage of the ceremonies showing U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson wearing a hat bearing the name of Ponemah, a town of about 700 people located between upper and lower Red Lakes. (h/t to Carl Sewall)

And yes, that is Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé standing behind him.

3 thoughts on “Ponemah, Collin Peterson and the inauguration

  1. clearly says PONEMAH,MN and he represented Ponemah the highest voting district on the reservation,the whole community voted for obama.except for two ppl!

  2. It is still part of beltrami Co. He is just showing respect for the people there.good photo.

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