State Capitol to add American Indian veterans memorial plaque

Among all the discussion at the Legislature about what will and won’t become law and whose taxes will or won’t go up, it’s worth noting that bills are actually being signed into law.

Today, Gov. Mark Dayton’s office announced that he had signed House file 143, a bill authorizing a memorial plaque for the Minnesota’s American Indian veterans to be placed in the state Capitol’s court of honor. The House bill is authored by Rep. John Persell, DFL-Bemidji, while the Senate’s bill is carried by Sen. Rod Skoe, DFL-Clearbrook.

The House omnibus tax bill being debated today is 338 pages long. Compare that to the entire language of the bill described above:

 A memorial plaque may be placed in the court of honor on the Capitol grounds to recognize the valiant service of American Indian veterans from this state who have 
honorably and bravely served in the United States armed forces, during both peacetime 
and war. The plaque must be furnished by the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council and must 
be approved by the commissioner of veterans affairs and the Capitol Area Architectural 
and Planning Board.

Still, that bill had to go through several amendments and committees before it was finally presented to the governor Monday. (Here’s a glimpse of the bill’s history)

So while it may be easy to lament the bureaucratic nature of the state Legislature, it’s hard to find a negative aspect of today’s outcome.