Minnesota lawmakers weigh in on Zorbaz proposal on Twitter

Bemidji city councilors rejected an offer from Zorbaz founder Tom Hanson to buy south shore land Monday night.

Mayor Rita Albrecht said the $350,000 wasn’t as much as they are hoping to get for the land on the shore of Lake Bemidji just west of the Sanford Center.

Bemidji native and state Rep. Ryan Winkler, DFL-Golden Valley, welcomed the news on Twitter Tuesday.

Assistant majority leader Carly Melin was baffled by the offer.


Winkler commends Albrecht for the 6-1 vote against the proposal.

DFL Rep. Joe Radinovich jumps in with a counterpoint.

And so on. Read the rest of the conversation here: https://twitter.com/carlymelin/status/352088863419797504

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3 thoughts on “Minnesota lawmakers weigh in on Zorbaz proposal on Twitter

  1. At $13 million dollar cost and nothing on tax roles for 2 years…the greenspace is the most expensive park in northern mm.

  2. Meanwhile, in the other hand, the city sells land to a local developer solely on the promise that the developer will pay for the land after the apartment buildings are sold. The developer hasn’t even broken ground. No money in sight for the land… An out of town developer had cash on the table. Didn’t see any news on that…

  3. Zorbaz draws a following from all over the state–this would be a wonderful attraction to add to Bemidji and our waterfront.

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