Conservative group gives Bemidji area legislators failing grade

Americans for Prosperity, the conservative advocacy group, gave a failing grade to each of the four Bemidji area legislators for their performance last session.

And they “failed” with flying colors.

Each legislator–Sens. Rod Skoe and Tom Saxhaug, Reps. John Persell and Roger Erickson– received a score of 0 percent in the report released Friday. None. Nada. Zip.

That score is based off of 12 votes taking during the last legislative session. If a legislator voted against a bill AFP was in favor of, that’s a red “X” on the scorecard. Those 12 bills included a minimum wage increase (AFP opposed), an $800 million bonding bill (AFP opposed), child care provider unionization (AFP opposed), and Sunday liquor sales (AFP supported).

And in each case, Bemidji area legislators voted against AFP’s position.

The scores aren’t a huge surprise given the conservative nature of the group–it was founded by the billionaire Koch Brothers — and the fact that all four local legislators are DFLers.