Special meetings called

The Bemidji City Council will meet Friday afternoon in two special meetings.

First, the council will convene at 5 p.m. as itself to discuss (and, presumably, approve) an amendment to state grant agreements for bonding dollars used to construct the Bemidji Regional Event Center. Then, councilors will consider approving the naming rights contract with Sanford Health for the BREC, which is expected to become The Sanford Center.

Immediately following that meeting, the City Council will convene as the Bemidji Economic Development Authority to also consider the naming rights agreement.

a new BREC art plan?

I rarely get U.S. mail at work. I would say I recall receiving maybe four piece of mail in the last 2 1/2 years at the Pioneer. Most everything is sent to editor Molly Miron or Brad Swenson, our political and editorial page editor who handles letters to the editor.

This morning, Brad gave me some mail, saying that it didn’t qualify for the letters to the editor page because it was not signed as a letter. And it included some sketches.

The writer, who wrote "Resident" on the return address, apparently took issue with artist selected for one of two art projects in the Bemidji Regional Event Center. He or she apparently found the the design provided for the terrazzo floor concourse to be "too busy." (Click  www.bemidjipioneer.com/event/article/id/100013022/ to read the article I wrote on the artists selected to provide the artwork for the BREC and see an image of a section of the floor design.)

The writer of the letter is stating his or her belief that the entire community should vote on the BREC art design. And s/he even offered his or her own sketches on what s/he believes the floor should include.

You can see in the sketches outlines of Paul and Babe and the Bemidji State University beaver. Also, there are images of the Mississippi River showing where Bemidji is located.



You can tell the letter writer was quite enthusiastic about his or her design.

We reporters never really know what people read. Sure, we can check article views online, but we never really know what our print readers are interested in. We almost always get feedback when we make mistakes (which happens) – but we rarely get phone calls from readers who just want to share other options or points of view.

So the mail I received today was welcome. And interesting.

What do you think?
– Bethany